Welcome to mcsorleypoems.com, devoted to my book THE McSORLEY POEMS. This book is a celebration of the oldest pub in New York City, founded in 1854. The book is divided into three sections. If Walls Could Speak: history, personal, local, and national, hangs on the walls and from the ceilings in McSorley’s. These artifacts all have their own respective auras, if you will, and their own voices. In the second section, Unsorted Regulars, Misfits, Liars, Heroes & Psychos, I let the motley medley of characters tell their tales in their own words. And in the final section, McSorley Phantasma, the McSorley family ghosts give voice to their stories.

Each visitor to McSorley’s imagines their own meaning when studying an artifact, whether it be Nat Fein’s photograph of the dying Babe Ruth, Houdini’s handcuffs, the menacing bullwhip, the inscrutable photo of The McSorley Nine, or the original Wanted Poster for Lincoln’s Assassin. You wander in a wonderful time warp, and today’s regulars are certainly tomorrow’s characters. In quiet afternoons, the potbelly coal stove glowing, it’s an easy revery for a patron to sit back, nurse a couple ales, and listen to the ghosts from times gone by. Readers of THE McSORLEY POEMS will find themselves on an exciting trip through time, past and present.